Our Activity Guides bring your favorite destinations, directly to your home. 

Travel Activity Guides, from Showcase The World, offer up a wide range of fun learning activities for kids of all ages, based on some of the most popular travel destinations across the globe.

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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way for you and your children to still get that amazing holiday experience this summer?

Are you concerned about filling your children's days with fun and engaging activities now that school is out, but you’re all still at home?

  Do you want to recreate the family fun that comes from taking a trip together?

Now your children don’t have to miss out on the life changing experiences that come with travelling to a new country, and witnessing everything a different culture has to offer. Plus, you can relax knowing that you’ve got specific plans to keep your children busy. Our detailed travel activity guides are the perfect choice for your family in the wake of the global pandemic.

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As a busy working Mom myself, I understand the pressures that we’ve all been through the last few months. Juggling working from home, facilitating distance learning, and finding time to socialize online has now become the norm - but with the school year now coming to a close, you’re probably wondering how to keep your children occupied when summer camps and exciting holidays have been canceled. 

The travel activity guides have been designed as a way to help your children experience the joy and excitement of learning about new countries and cultures while giving parents peace of mind knowing engaging activities have been planned for you.

Showcase The World is a modern travel agency, who is dedicated to helping overwhelmed Moms ‘take a break from the busy’ and actually enjoy their holiday. We believe that travel is one of the best learning experiences you can give a child; it makes them culturally curious, inspires wanderlust and engages their imagination.

Just because your travel plans are currently on pause, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to inspire their love of the world.

What Do You Get In Each Activity Guide?

Each guide has been designed to create family fun with children of all ages. Each one features a craft, activity and recipe to introduce children to history, significant places and culture of a destination. And even has lists of movies, music and books from that country, that you can share as a family.

Not only that, but each guide wraps up with Passport Pages for your child to record what they learned and loved about the country. You can collect all of our activity guides, and put them together to complete your child's virtual passport.

Purchase your guide today for just $7.95